Chapter 2. Developer Manual

Table of Contents
The Road Map.
The Geoobj Module

The Road Map.

I see the development of FMaps as a linear and parallel process. Refer to the TO-DO chapter to have details on the various sub projects.

  1. The GeoObj type must be clearly defined and have significant functionality.

  2. The gtkfmaps widget must be able to display correctly the GeoObj type. The string parser should be shared between the gtkfmaps code and PostgreSQL code.

  3. Definition of the structure of the tuples with geographical object.

  4. Definition of the Metadata catalogue (mostly done, cf fmaps.h).

  5. Development of the browser interface allowing queries select. The browser could also display data in form or datasheet view.

  6. Development of the Metadata display. Allow easy entering, display, modification of the Metadata

  7. Further development of gtkfmaps to allow modification and selection of GeoObjs.

  8. Development of an administrative module, to manage users and access permission to tables, Metadata.

  9. Development of processing modules.

  10. Development of a Web module to extract information from the database and display is as XML in a web page.

When point 3 or 4 is reached all the following tasks can be developed in parallel.