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A resource site gathering information about open source projects related to GIS

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing information and open source remote sensing packages.

GIS and Remote Sensing Projects


Ossim/Grass Bridge

This is a project aimed at enabling interoperability between the Ossim and Grass projects.

Support Projects

GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library)

This is a project to develop a complete library for GIS.


OpenEV is a library, and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data.

Standard Database Interfaces

For portability, where possible all access to the database should take place through a standard interface. Some potential candidates:


GNU Data Access library. GNU Data Access is an attempt to provide uniform access to different kinds of data sources (databases, information servers, mail spools, etc). It is a complete architecture that provides all you need to access your data. libgda was part of the GNOME-DB project (http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnome-db), but has been separated from it to allow non-GNOME applications to be developed based on it.


What is the relationship between ODBC and DAO? I know almost zero about this area. My take on it was (for MS WinXX anyway) was that DAO was object-oriented, while ODBC didn't handle complex objects easily. Is this the case? If so, what is the functionality of the unix ODBC drivers with regard to complex objects?

Graphics and Plotting


A graphical scientific calculator?

UML Modelling


This a project originally aimed at providing 'cognitive support' for java application development, through the creation of UML diagrams. The UML model can then be used for auto-generation of java code. It also offers the ability to define 'critics', which can make suggestions about coding style and other issues. This project is still in early stages of development, but shows great promise.

However, AFAIK support is planned for C++ and other languages (and reverse engineering of diagrams from exixting code). Currently undergoing code reorganisation, to enable extensability for other programming languages. If this is the case it is possible that it could be used (in conjunction with FMaps and PostgreSQL DTD's?) by users to produce database schema. Produces XMI file describing the model and has the ability to save diagrams in Scaleable Vector Graphics format.