FMaps Development

Franck Martin

The purpose of this document is to describe the development process of FMaps. It should be a guide for the developer.

Table of Contents
1. Overview
Why Develop FMaps.
A Centralised Database System.
A Metadata Catalogue.
The world is 3D (or 4D).
Desirable Characteristics for Object-Relational DBMS
Why Gnome?
The Modules
PostgreSQL GeoObj data type.
gtkfmaps Widget.
The Main Application.
The Metadata Window.
The Browser Window.
Other Software / Resources
General Sites
GIS and Remote Sensing Projects
Standard Database Interfaces
Graphics and Plotting
UML Modelling
2. Developer Manual
The Road Map.
The Geoobj Module
The GeoObj Type
The Geoobj Functions
Plug-In Capability
The browser