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WKBGeometry Union Reference

#include <geoobj.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

WKBPoint point
WKBLineString linestring
WKBPolygon polygon
WKBMultiPoint mpoint
WKBMultiLineString mlinestring
WKBMultiPolygon mpolygon
WKBBox box

Member Data Documentation

WKBBox WKBGeometry::box

Definition at line 154 of file geoobj.h.

WKBLineString WKBGeometry::linestring

Definition at line 148 of file geoobj.h.

WKBMultiLineString WKBGeometry::mlinestring

Definition at line 152 of file geoobj.h.

WKBMultiPoint WKBGeometry::mpoint

Definition at line 151 of file geoobj.h.

WKBMultiPolygon WKBGeometry::mpolygon

Definition at line 153 of file geoobj.h.

WKBPoint WKBGeometry::point

Definition at line 147 of file geoobj.h.

WKBPolygon WKBGeometry::polygon

Definition at line 149 of file geoobj.h.

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