Chapter 1. User Manual

Table of Contents
Why FMaps ?
The Main Window
The Metadata Window
The Browser Window
The Map Window

Why FMaps ?

There are many Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Remote Sensing System (RS) available on the market. Some of these systems are OpenSource like GMT, ERDASS, OSSRIM or gmaps. None of these systems are developped for the Gnome platform with the beginner as well as the expert in mind.

Most GIS software do not store data in 3D form forgetting that the earth is a 3D object. Moreover some offer poor functionalities in handling correctly datum conversions. Native 3D allows handling of bore-holes, water columns, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and others.

Providing data to all users in a simple catalogue is the role of Metadata. FMaps provides this functionality by storing all the data in a SQL server database. The database of choice is PostgreSQL because of its robustness and technological advantage over other OpenSource database systems. All the data is organised in a Metadata catalogue for ease of access, by various users.

FMaps project site is at